Thursday, August 5, 2021

WHATSAPP Business Marketing

WHATSAPP Business Marketing

5 things you must know for effective use of WhatsApp Marketing 5 things you must not do on WhatsApp Marketing Profile photo, only your face, not with child, Birthday wishes not in the group Professionals users should use WhatsApp keeping these guidelines in mind. No festival greetings in groups. Avoid Quotes Avoid too many forward messages. Especially verify news before forwarding it. These are important tips. Viewers, Your feedback in the Comment will be appreciated. You may write some more points in the Comment. We have discussed things that professionals should not do. Now let us discuss how to use Whatsapp for business marketing. Use WhatsApp business version, website link, catalog - set up your shop on WhatsApp! IMPORTANT TAKEAWAY: Connect WhatsApp to Facebook Page Use the reply privately option USE Broadcast LIST During the pandemic time, we all have learned a hard lesson that any organization that needs to survive and grow in 2021 will have to improve its DQ. What is DQ? DQ is the digital Quotient Speaker- Jyotindra who has 45 years of experience in IT-enabled business management will tell us about the Best Digital Practices Speaker: Jyotindra Zaveri, leading digital marketing consultant in India (In Top 20 List).

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