Monday, August 9, 2021

Develop Emotional Intelligence

Emotional Intelligence and how to develop to exceed your goals and achieve your fullest potential! Kirti: When we meet a person who is helpful and loving, we say the person is kind-hearted. From where emotions are coming? Is it coming from the heart? Jyotindra Zaveri: Not from the heart! Emotions are coming from Hormones. To be successful it is necessary to control and monitor Urges and impulses. The limbic system is the area of the brain most heavily involved in emotion and memory. Its structures include the hypothalamus, thalamus, and amygdala. The hypothalamus plays a role in the activation of the sympathetic nervous system, which is a part of any emotional reaction. Commonly known as F and F reaction. We need to understand various kinds of feelings. K: What are different kinds of feelings? JZ: There are five core feelings. Happiness, sadness, anger, fear and shame. One must understand different states of mind. Story of five friends and an Apple tree? Once friends were going on a trip, but along the way got lost in a forest. Soon they became hungry and thirsty. They searched for food for some time and finally found a fruit tree. The first man said, "Let's cut the tree down and get the fruits." The last friend said quietly, "There are plenty of good fruits on the ground, so let us just eat them first." You can see various states of mind (leshya) of these friends. The last friends' minds represent six types of leshyas. The first friend's state of mind represents Krishna (dull black) leshya. The last friend's state of mind represents Shukla (bright white) leshya. K: How to develop EQ and exceed the goal? JZ: By practising Leshya Dhyan. The colour meditation. In ancient scripture, Psychic Colours are called Leshya. That is the technical term used. Aura or Abhamandal is the energy field surrounding us. Do colour meditation on upper psychic centres depending on your goal. #EmotionalIntelligence #eq #goals #subconsciousmind #wealth #goals #jyotindrazaveri #innerpower #innerstrength #jyotisocial #onlinetraining #trainer #scientificmeditation #mindfulness #meditation

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