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He lived for 41 days without food - He took Santhara - Samadhi Maran

Happy Birthday to Late Mr Jethalal S. Zaveri (Father).
  • Born April 17, 1911
  • Santhara (Samadhi or Fast-unto-death) November 17, 1993. 

This incident changed his life forever when Mr Jethalal Zaveri just retired from Bharat Bijlee Ltd. 

After he retired, he requested Guru Acharya Shri Tulsi, for some work. What can I do for the Jain community? That time Guru told him to "sit quietly, and practice - do nothing - अक्रिया - that is Dhyan. Thoughtlessness". He accepted gingerly. A person who has been active all his life is now told to sit and close eyes. How is that?

Then he studied Preksha Dhyan, understood, the importance of अक्रिया! The benefit of thoughtlessness. Not only he mastered Preksha Dhyan, but gave training to Shramnis, wrote several books in English, and conducted thousands of Shibir's, all over India and abroad. 

Jetha Bhai was awarded Preksha Pravakta - He conducted hundreds of Preksha Dhyan Shibirs - wrote and translated many books on Preksha Mediation. He explained meditation from a scientific point of view. 

Today we remember ‘Jethabhai’, as a leading industrialist (MD of Bharat Bijlee Ltd.), a great teacher of Preksha Meditation system, and as the author of several books about Jain philosophy.

In the last ten years of his lifespan, he started getting spiritual power! As if ageing had stopped! 

In front of me, all these have happened, right in our own Zaveri family. I am grateful to my Papaji. 

Jetha Bhai was a leading industrialist of his time. He was the founder Director of Bharat Bijlee Ltd., manufacturing motors and transformers. 

After he retired at the age of sixty, he learnt meditation system called Preksha Dhyan. He learned and practised it and mastered it. He has conducted hundreds of Meditation Camps (shibirs) all over India. At the age of 84, he fell sick. He was taken at the Cardiac Hospital. The Doctor said his time has come; the heart can fail at any time. Several medicines, injections, etc. were given in the Intensive Care Unit. 

He asked Doctor that is there anything more medical treatment can do. The doctor said he had tried his best, now only prayers. 

He had already decided to take the Samthra when such a moment comes. He took the wow of fast unto death. 

All medicines were stopped. To our surprise, we found him absolutely alright in about a week time. In fact, his memory and other sense were sharp. Of course, the body had become almost skeleton. He was even giving sermons (spiritual lectures) when hundreds of people came for his darshan (to wish him bye-bye).  

Jethabhai was a rational student of modern science and engineering and it can be safely presumed that his decision was taken after carefully weighing every aspect of the matter. He decided to renounce food and medicines. He remained firm to his resolve. That was in spite of the fact that all his six sons and one daughter were capable of doing everything under the sun to keep him alive and healthy.

Being well known in the Electrical Industry as 'Bhishmapitamaha of Electrical industry of India' many leading professionals visited from business and industry. He was chairman of IEMA, also leading the Indian Standards and many such organizations. He was the only one to get a Technical Collaborations from Siemens (Germany) in India to manufacture Electric Motors in India. The factory is situated on Thane-Belapur Road (near Mumbai). 

Something worth noting: Jetha Bhai asked everyone to give him something. Guests thought, is he asking for money? No, he said to take a wow to leave one bad habit. A book was kept at the entrance. While going, everyone wrote what they have given up. Some people gave up Smoking, some left drinking, and so on. 

During those 41 days, we could see his spiritual energy was high. Unbelievable to see how a person without eating can remain alive, that too who was at a death bad in the ICU. He was fond of solving the Crossword puzzle in Times of India, even during the Santhara days (the point is the brain was sharp and active). 

When he was asked, are your not afraid of dying? He said I do not have the desire to live, nor I am scared of dying. 
Jineka moh nahi hai air marine ka dar nahi hai. 

Many people practice and preach the science of living. Jethabhai not only did this but also demonstrated the science of dying. 

He embraced Samthara and left his body on November 17 1993. 

Today we remember ‘Jethabhai’, as a leading industrialist (MD of Bharat Bijlee Ltd.), a great teacher of Preksha Meditation system, and as the author of several books about Jain philosophy.

We pay tribute Shri Jetha Bhai Zaveri, on his hundred and ninth birthday.  

Samadhi Maran: We celebrated when he passed away because it was his Santhara. Fast unto death - for 41 days no food. Only water. That is Samadhi.

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Bharat Bijlee is a pioneer in electrical engineering in India. Established in 1946, the company has two primary business segments: Transformers and Electric Motors. 1400 Employees.

His son is a Jain Muni Mahendra Kumar. A great scientist and a philosopher. 

Let us not waste time; try to learn as much as possible, practice Kayotsarg, meditation, etc. Generate positive energy and spiritual power! 

Jetha Bhai Zaveri is a unique personality, a legend of our lifetime! 

स्वयं सत्य खोजें! सबके साथ मैत्री करें!

Jethalal S. Zaveri (Father)