Friday, March 20, 2020

Social Media Marketing Online Training - Learn from HOME

What to do at home? 

Let us hope the situation will improve soon. 

Meanwhile, here is how you can invest your valuable time when you are at home? 


I am ready to impart complete Social Media Marketing KNOWHOW through online coaching class!

100 % Hands-on exercises. 

You learn by working from your home. Commit at least 2 hours every day. You have to commit about 50 to 60 hours. 

Need not be continuous. Flexible time. Get confidence by actually working on live projects. You need access to a desktop or laptop with an internet connection. Most of the daily tutorials will be on WhatsApp video or Audio call, at a prescheduled time.

What will you learn? 
Learn how to manage super seven digital platforms professionally. Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, Slideshare, Pinterest. Chance to work on Live projects.
Jyotindra Zaveri Digital Markting trainer
Learn super seven digital platforms
Training Fees ₹ 9000/- per person for one month.

  • Faculty Jyotindra Zaveri. He is a senior consultant and trainer who is having 44+ years of total IT experience.
  • Nine+ years of experience in managing social media. Considered as Digital Marketing expert in the top 20 in India. 
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Sunday, March 8, 2020

Woman of Substance - Dr Amrapali Zaveri

An inspiring story of a woman Research Scientist!

Tribute to the Indian Women Professional Amrapali.

Dr Amrapali  J. Zaveri, Assistant Professor of Data Engineering, The University of Amsterdam, Netherlands. Postdoctoral Researcher at Maastricht University, Netherlands.

Sheroes of the world! 

Late Dr Amrapali Zaveri (aka Cooky): Suffered a massive stroke. Age 35. January 24, 2020. Declared Brain Dead by Doctor at Maastricht University Hospital, The Netherlands. After passing away helped many lives by donating several organs!

The ultimate gift – the gift of life!
We feel proud of Amrapali Zaveri who donated five organs that were donated and successfully transplanted in the Netherlands and Germany; giving new lives to four people:
  1. A woman between the ages of 60 and 65 received a gift of her LUNGS.
  2. A woman between the ages of 50 and 55 received a gift of her LIVER.
  3. A man between the ages of 50 and 55 received a gift of her RIGHT KIDNEY.
  4. A man between the ages of 45 and 50 received a gift of her PANCREAS AND the LEFT KIDNEY.
Amrapali departed for heavenly abode on January 24, 2020, at age 35! 

What an Honor! Tribute by the Maastricht University: The Flag was displayed at half-mast! 28 January 2020.

Done Ph.D. (first woman in Zaveri family to get a Ph.D.), lived in four countries (Singapore, Germany, the US, and the Netherlands).

M.Sc. from Manipal University, India.

Postdoc for 15 months at Stanford University, USA (2016-2017). She was about to join Amsterdam University as an Assistant Professor (Promotion).

  • Invited to give a talk at Vrije University at the User-Centric Data Science group.
  • A presentation was given in Prague, Czech Republic.
  • Conducted a Workshop on Citizen Science and Crowdsourcing. 17 May 2019.
  • A session with MHeNs School for Mental Health and Neuroscience.
  • Symposium on Biases in Human Computation, Crowdsourcing, Sheffield, UK. October 24, 2019.
  • She met the founder of the World Wide Web, Sir Tim Berners Lee, at an international conference in Lyon, France. From 2009-2010, she worked in Singapore at the National Neuroscience Institute as a Research Assistant.
  • Officially received Maastricht University Teaching Qualification (UTQ/BKO) certificates.
Amrapali received the Best In-Use Paper Award: "smart API: Towards a more intelligent network of Web APIs".  Won outstanding reviewer award, have ~50 publications with 1000+ citations. 
Google Scholar link   
From 2010-2015, she was a PhD student at the University of Leipzig, with the AKSW research group in Germany focusing on Semantic Web, Linked Data and particularly Data Quality.

Since 2017 a Postdoctoral Researcher at the Institute for Data Science at Maastricht University, Netherlands.

Amrapali's pioneering research focused on exploring, as she often put it, “the optimal combination of HUMANS and MACHINES towards data quality assessment.”  She believed that we can expand the store of valuable knowledge by learning from artificial intelligence, but that humans are needed “in the loop” to make sure that machine models are fed accurate, reliable, and reproducible data. Assessments by untrained and expert people to improve machine models have been widely used, and Amrapali’s innovation was to predict how to deploy human effort to reach a particular threshold of data quality under a range of conditions.

Globetrotter: Traveled alone to Eighteen countries, paper presentations, conferences, and managed to explore them despite tight schedules.

Featured in a German TV show. Expert in Indian Bollywood Dance. Choreographer for dozens of German ladies and performed publicly at Leipzig.

In short, Cooky greeted every person with a big smile and sparkling eyes full of life and love. She was a great mentor to her students and her peers, filling them with ideas and encouragement. She tackled her work with vigour and determination. She was true to herself and her friends and family, a shining example to all on living a genuine life!

Studied in St. Mary's School in Pune and Graduated from Fergusson College. Born in a Spiritual Jain Zaveri family. Grandfather did Santhara (Jain Fast) and one Uncle is a Jain monk, Prof. Muni Mahendra Kumar.

She took parents around the world and several wildlife sanctuaries. Shravan for Parents! Mother Jayshree Zaveri and Father Jyotindra Zaveri are so proud to be recognized as Amrapali's parents!

बेटी माता और पिता की पहचान बने और क्या चाहिए? (Beti parent ki pahchan bane aur kya chahiye).

We believe in life after death! The soul never dies.
Finally: Play your role in life with such a passion, that even after curtains come down the applause doesn't stop!

Late Dr Amrapali J. Zaveri lives.   

Post published by  Jayshree and Jyotindra Zaveri. 
+91 9552946949. Pune, India.