Wednesday, August 29, 2018

Practice Deep Breathing Exercise - दीर्घ स्वाँस प्रयोग

Practice Deep Breathing Exercise - दीर्घ स्वाँस प्रयोग:

Unless you measure, you cannot improve!

·         One inhalation and one exhalation is one cycle.
·         Use diaphragm muscle उदरपटल (stomach) for deep breathing.
·         Inhale slowly, letting your chest (Lungs) and lower stomach expand
·         Push stomach inside to exhale, slowly
·         Write in your diary, how many breathe cycles, in one minute.
·         Practice regularly, anywhere any time, any length of time, and it is free

Always breathe through nose.

Gross benefit: Our body needs Oxygen प्राणवायु. All cells in your body need oxygen, which they use to produce energy. This includes neurons. Your brain requires a lot of energy, so it depends on oxygen, which is delivered through the blood. ... Cells produce energy through a process called cellular respiration.

SUBTLE BENEFIT: Helps in controlling impulses and Urges. Deep, slow breathing is strong medicine for anxiety, fear, and ANGER. 
(गुस्सा) और आवेग को क़ाबू में रखने के लिए सहायता मिलेगी।

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Glimpse of meditation workshop

We had done many meditation exercises in the Preksha Dhyan Shibir (workshop)

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