Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Revenge or retaliation is not the solution..understand the root of the problem

One more Indian-origin man shot at in the USA?

What do you expect from US citizens? In the USA GUNS are sold openly, violence is promoted in the Hollywood movies...

Solution is not 'preaching' because it is felt only at the intellectual level.

Revenge or retaliation is not the solution....WHAT DO YOU SAY?

Meditation explained SCIENTIFICALLY and practiced is the only answer to change at the 'chemistry level' (hormones).

Try to learn about the Endocrine system (do some Google search). See how emotions can takeover the reasoning mind.  Emotions are secreted by the ductless glands! Nothing to do with color or creed or nationality of people. Nothing to do with the educational qualification.

Study this PowerPoint presentation to learn more about scientific meditation.  

It is the need of the hour, and I need your help to promote this line of thoughts. 

editation explained scientifically - Preksha Dhyan from Jyotindra Zaveri Social Media Marketing Consultant and Trainer

There are TV Channel such as Sanskar and Aastha where 24 x 7 Hundreds of so called 'Gods' are preaching religion. Is it effective?  Few good Gurus are being eclipsed by other fake religious leaders.  

If preaching values alone can change the mankind then we could have seen the difference.  I don't see any change, albeit things are getting worse!

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