Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Fuel Saver - save money - less pollution - PANTHER for all cars

Save Petrol Today!  You have been working for technology, now let technology work for you. 

Fuel Saver

PANTHER FOR ALL CARS:  Just plug-in Panther into the lighter socket in your car, and it starts working instantly!

Panther is suitable for all 12v petrol and diesel: • CARS • MPVS • SUVS / VANS

See demo video: 

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1.    What is Panther?  Panther is a patented fuel saving device that enables drivers to reduce their petrol consumption and at the same time, maximizing power and torque to improve the vehicle’s driving experience.
2.    How does Panther help save fuel?  Panther works by effectively filling gaps in between the electrical supplied by the battery and alternator in order for the ECU to keep functioning as intended, hence, the vehicle achieves optimal performance.
3.    How much fuel can I save?  It varies from vehicle to vehicle, and driver to driver. On the average, one can achieve fuel savings up to 25%.

• Micro­Energy Optimizing Technology • Japanese invention & engineering • Tested & reliable • Easy to use & install • Slick design • Maintenance free

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