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Knee pain - back pain - alternative medicine - awesome results

Amazing Socks, T-Shirt, Knee Brace that gives rising SUN rays

Infra-Red Rays are good for your body
Why Conybio products?

  • Due to the modern urbanization, exposure to the sun is minimal and the reason for the increase in various health problems and early ageing. This is a recently discovered therapy in Advanced Naturopathy that advocates the importance of invisible Far Infrared Rays or FIR of the suns spectrum.  FIR are amply present in the rising and setting sun. These rays are equally important for sustaining life as air, water and food.  FIR penetrate human bodies and activate the cells and improve their functions.
  • FIR agitate water molecules in the cells and the blood.  Blood vessels expand and circulation, particularly in the capillaries, improves immensely. Besides, removal of cell waste and toxin cover, result in improved supply of nutrients, oxygen and even the medicines. The organs, therefore, function in the manner they are supposed to. Naturally, health in general, improves.  In addition, better cell reproduction controls ageing process. The advancing ailments are also controlled and even get cured. There are cases where expensive surgeries were avoided.  Preventive therapy for healthy individuals against future health problems and ageing.
  • The therapy is more effective with the simultaneous use of the detoxifying Cony Takara and products that enhance the alkalinity of water. The alkaline water helps control many disorders including the growth of unwanted (cancer) cells.
  • Some Asian scientists worked further on the NASA discovery (for preventing the health problems astronauts would face during space travels) and have developed and created a mixture of 26 types of deep ocean sands and minerals that generate FIR at approx. 37 degree Centigrade, the human body temperature.  They named this material - Bio Ceramics which during contact with human body, generate Far Infrared Rays or FIR.  Over 65 Bio Ceramic Products, thus, are provided in the form of garments, braces, bands and beads. These applications are used externally and have no side effects whatsoever. Moreover they prevent growth of bacteria that usually create bad smell. Supportive therapy that enhances the effectiveness of the medicines prescribed by the doctors.

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Knee Brace
Therapy for what?
  • The therapy works beautifully on ailments such as: B.P. (High / Low), Diabetes / Hyperglycemia, Asthma / Bronchitis, Arthritis / Swelling, Cracks, Cramps, Corn in leg, Knee; Joint Problem, Spondylitis / Spinal disorder, Heart Diseases, Hypo/Hyper, Thyroid , Cholesterol Control, Sinusitis/Conjunctivitis, Piles / Fisher/ Fistula, Constipation / Indigestion, Blood Haemoglobin Disorder, Psoriasis / Skin diseases, Lung Diseases, Kidney Problems, Acidity / Ulcer, Hypo & Hyperthermia, Gall Bladder Stone, Menstrual Disorder, Prostate Enlargement, Frozen Shoulder, Upper; Lower Back Pain, Lumber Pain, Stress / Hypertensions, Migraine / Head Ache, Insomnia, Partial Memory Loss, Teeth and Gums Diseases, Hypersensitivity , Sexual Dysfunction, Urinary Track Disorder, Hydro- cell, Varicose veins, Sciatica Pains, Breast Tumour; cyst, Diabetic Eye-Sight , Cornea; Eye problems etc.
  • We have Thousands of testimonials.  People and Doctors have certified that it works!   Above all, we have used and strongly recommend Conybio healthcare products.  

About Conybio:
  • Conybio Healthcare (India) Pvt. Ltd. is an Indian Company and is into the business of Interactive Distribution, operates from Chennai, India.
  • Conybio started its commercial operations in April 1999.  It has 70 Bioceramic based products.  Today it has emerged as one of the largest Network Marketing Company in India.
How to get these products:
  • We are the official distributor of these wonderful products.  You can get all these products, support and training from us.   We are based in Pune, India.
  • Made in Malaysia, these applications are now distributed in India by Conybio Healthcare (India) P. Ltd., Chennai.  We are distributor for these products.    
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