Sunday, December 28, 2014

New Year 2015 Animated Buffet Idea for Happy and Healthy Lifestyle

Happy New Year Menu for Life

Starters: (pick any 2)

  1. I will wake up earlyYou can accomplish 30 % more between 5 am to 10 am). "When my competition is sleeping, I am working" (BNI)    
  2. I will exercise at least for 30 minutes 4 times a week (recommended by the Chef)
  3. I will do Preksha Dhyan /prey/ visualise positive goals (AnuPreksha) / yoga for 30 minutes every day. Join

Main course (pick any 6)

  1.  As soon as I step out of my door in the morning, I will behave as if I am on national television. My behaviour will be impeccable. "I am on top of the World"                      
  2.  I will invest in the best clothes I can afford-along with good shoes.  It has been proved, that better dressed people earn 15 % more, all things being equal, (e.g. PM Modi)
  3.  At work, I shall do only things which will increase my sales / or Salary / or reduce my costs. Whatever you focus on-expands 
  4.  Will outsource everything, which is not my core competence. Rather spend time on other important tasks others cannot do.  For instance outsource social media marketing to Jyoti
  5.  Will not use mobile phone when someone has come especially to meet me / in a meeting.  Also limit use of WhatsApp  
  6.  Will contact three customers or senior colleagues every month, who have stopped doing business with me. It is three times easier to convert old customers, than acquiring new once 
  7.  Will personally talk to 20 % of my top customers / or colleagues every month. They run my kitchen and will contribute 80 % to my sales 
  8.  I will not call my employees or my Juniors on weekends or when they are on vacations. They will respect me for that 
  9.   I will at least take one risky decision, which I was always scared to take. This is to add some spice to a monotonous lifestyle
  10.  I will train my brain to think creatively every day. I will do different things to exercise my brain cells.  
  11. I will do five things every day, which will take me closer to my goals. Make this as my screen saver              
  12. I will not forget to market myself every day. Like / Comment on others Posts on Facebook. e.g. Jyotindra Zaveri :)

Dessert (pick any 2)

  1. I will take 2 vacations in a year.  New places.
  2. I will devote at least one day (weekly-off) for family / ‘near and dear’ only.  
  3. I will smile at everyone I meet. (Even to the lift-man).  Follow Rotary 4 way test.
  4. I will hug my spouse / parents every day in multiples of three. 
  5. I will watch one movie in a cinema hall every month  
  6. I will read at least 2 books in a year. (physical books or on Kindle)
  7. I will do one thing, which I was always fearful about. 
  8. I will call two old friends, whom I have not spoken for years or Skype. (Try calling Jyotindra Zaveri +91 9552946949 or Skype id jyotindra.z or hangout or facetime)  Your feedback  
  9. I will do one thing, which makes me truly happy.  
  10. I have got only 52 weekends. I will not let anybody spoil them.
  11. Subscribe to online newspaper to keep updated.  Here are three dailies highly recommended, published by the author of this blog!  

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Let the force (the subconscious mind) be with you in 2015. 
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