Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Freedom From Diabetes

Many people have benefited by attending intensive training program conducted by Dr. Pramod Tripathi

Here are few testimonial videos.

It is possible to be free from Insulin or other medicines by controlling and monitoring diet and exercises, and meditation.

Mr Subramanian R Sharma sharing his experience of The Freedom from Diabetes 

  • Mr. Sharma is 54 years young, IIT Delhi, IIM Ahmedabad. 20 years diabetic, 10 years on Insulin, 4 shots a day, 52 units Insulin stopped in 5 weeks, medicines stopped in 12 weeks Weight loss in 7 months - 29 kgs

Diabetes is reversible without medicine - Mrs. Nita Agarwal, Pune, India 

  • India. Seven Year Diabetic, off medicines in 6 weeks! Together we make it happen! Please share.
BHARAT GURAV is Free from Diabetes 

  • Freedom From Diabetes - Listen carefully to BHARAT GURAV, Pune, India - 52 year young, having diabetes for 15 years - Has undergone a complete shift in understanding of diabetes and experienced significant reduction of medicine.

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