Sunday, October 26, 2014

Family connected on Skype Facetime Google Hangout

Today's lifestyle - connected on the virtual world?

Technology has helped in many ways but does not replace values.

Children who are always on the go and while always 'connected' through technology sometimes miss out on physical proximity to their families, the video is a reflection of life in today’s busy world. 

The film is pure nostalgia.  For senior citizens, it may take you back to the days when we all celebrated festivals together, right from preparing the sweets to redecorating our home.

The Story:  Geetanjali is a young working mother who stays in a different city with her husband and a young daughter. Her parents are her constant 'virtual contacts' for with all sorts of problems in her life; from taking financial opinion from her dad and checking out instructions to make a bird feeder, to confirming recipes from her mother or asking relationship advice from her, Geetanjali is seen reaching out to her parents for most of the time, over video calls, facebook and frantic speed dial calls.  With her ‘reliable helpline’ shut off, a lonely Geetanjali proceeds to make laddoos on her own, but soon realizes that she should chuck the Diwali plans with her friends and visit her parents instead....
This seven-minute Pepsi stroy has been received well with over 8 Lacs views.

Nowadays, big brand is putting emotional stories while keeping their product or service low profile but cultural values in the foreground.   Remember similar touchy story of  'Reunion', partitions divide countries, friendships find a way using Google search engine?

The India-Pakistan partition in 1947 separated many friends and families overnight. A granddaughter in India decides to surprise her grandfather on his birthday by reuniting him with his childhood friend (who is now in Pakistan) after over 6 decades of separation, with a little help from Google Search.

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