Friday, October 18, 2013

Find the common ground to solve an issue

A father left 17 camels as an asset for his three sons.

When the father passed away, his sons opened up the will. The Will of the father stated that the eldest son should get half of 17 camels while the middle son should be given 1/3rd (one-third).The youngest son should be given 1/9th (one-ninth) of the 17 camels.

As it is not possible to divide 17 into half or 17 by 3 or 17 by 9, three sons started to fight with each other.

So, the three sons decided to go to a wise man.
The wise man listened patiently about the Will. The wise man, after giving this thought, brought one camel of his own and added the same to 17. That increased the total to 18 camels.

Now, he started reading the deceased father’s will.

  • Half of 18 = 9. So he gave the eldest son 9 camels.
  • 1/3rd of 18 = 6. So he gave the middle son 6 camels.
  • 1/9th of 18 = 2. So he gave the youngest son 2 camels.

Now add this up: 9 plus 6 plus 2 is 17 and this leaves one camel, which the wise man took back.
MORAL: The attitude of negotiation and problem solving is to find the 18th camel i.e. the common ground. Once a person is able to find the common ground, the issue is resolved. It is difficult at times. However, to reach a solution, the first step is to believe that there is a solution. If we think that there is no solution, we won't be able to reach any!  Positive attitude and positive thinking helps in solving a tricky problem.

Where there is a will there is a way!

Where there is will there is a way!  What do you say?

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Sleepology - Waking up early - Why and How

Early to bed and early to rise makes a person healthy, wealthy and wise!

Considering today's life style, the idea of waking up early might sound difficult.  But it is possible by practice and determination.  Here is why and how to get up early.

Why wake up early?

  • By prioritizing to wake up early, you will discipline yourself to sleep early and have ample hours of rest. You will have enough time to recharge your body and keep it healthy. Having adequate sleep will enhance your brain’s functioning.  Your body clock will adjust and a pattern will be set.
  • You will have time for meditation and exercise.  Exercising, even just for 15 minutes, will boost your energy and enthusiasm. Exercising will improve your mood, it uplifts your emotions and relieves you from stress and that will truly be helpful in starting your day right. The good thing about having your work out in the morning is that you will usually not have any reason to cancel it. Regular exercise will not only help you be more energetic, it will also help you lose weight and it can prevent certain diseases like heart disease.
  • You will have more time to do what you need and want to do. And since you will be able to have a healthier lifestyle, like eating breakfast and getting enough exercise in the morning, do meditation, you gain more energy and enthusiasm and become more energized, efficient, focused and driven.  That is enhanced productivity!
  • I know you will not believe this, but the truth is that your day will turn out to be more positive if you wake up early. Wake up early and you will not need to rush.  That means less stress. 
  • Goal setting.  Now that you have extra time use it set your goals and review.  Do therapeutic thinking.  The technical word is Anupreksha.  Visualise what you want to achieve in the relaxed state of mind.  Tell your subconscious mind what you want.
Good Morning 

How to get up early?

  • Set time to get up earlier by half an hour, gradually achieve your set time.
  • Set time to sleep early in gradually shift by half an hour.  Idea is to get quality sleep.  Dim lights use night lamp to read a book.  Make sure you sleep early. Reduce late night TV or social media activities.
  • Make up your mind first.  Set alarm.  Place it somewhere far enough that you will need to get up out of your bed.  
  • Setting up a morning task will give you necessary motivation and a purpose to get up early.  Provide a compelling reason for you to wake-up early.  Whether it is to have breakfast with your family or to have a time for Yoga.  
  • Make sure that you take advantage of the extra time you gain when you wake up early. Do not wake up early and just stare at the ceiling.  Start working as per your goal.
  • The more you do it, the more your body will be accustomed to it and maybe in the future, you will not need an alarm clock to wake you up – you simply will get up and right on time.  Consistency is the key, which means the schedule will be same everyday including Holidays and Sundays!
Do not confuse:  Getting up early does not mean less sleep.  You may think that there are not enough hours in the day, and sometimes sleep seems like a time consuming nuisance.  But research has shown there are lots of health ailments related to chronic sleep deprivation, early onset Alzheimer’s being one of them.  

Kayotsarg means "Complete relaxation with full awareness".  Use auto-suggestion method to achieve relaxation.

Try  Ginseng Coffee:
Ginseng is often referred to as the king of herbs, has been the oldest and safest known herbs used since ancient times by herbalists the world over. Ginseng has been traditionally used as a general tonic to help strengthen and balance both body and mind. Conybio ginseng coffee is an ideal beverage to start your day and helps to keep your metabolic rate high.  This is cholesterol free coffee.
Important advantages:  Self-management is your ability to use awareness of your emotions to actively choose what you say and do.  By following 'early to bed and early to rise', you will be able to add extra productive hour.  While doing meditation you will not go to sleep, especially during the relaxation exercise (Kayotsarg) because now your mind and body is trained and you will have quality sleep.  That is how you will get better health, wealth and wisdom.  

Let me know if I have missed some point.  Your comment will be appreciated. 

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

One of the best and affordable ways to become healthier and happier is through meditation.

Preksha Vahini Pune India - Glimpse of meditation program 

Preksha Vahini is a group of people, who wish to lead a spiritual and blissful life by practising Preksha Meditation.  The goal is to develop spiritual personality.
Problem statement: Modern society is facing unending mental, physical, and emotional stresses as a result of overwhelming want for material wealth. (Read Greed). 
Solution: Preksha Meditation is a technique of meditation that aims at bringing about positive attitudinal and behavioural changes through overall transformation in the personality. Although, the technique of Preksha Meditation is derived from the wisdom of ancient philosophy, it is authentically based on current scientific principles.
Preksha Meditation
The effects of stress reduction techniques are equally dramatic on our productivity, creativity, energy and performance. And that's because these tools change the way we think so dramatically that they can be measured biologically. Dr. Richard Davidson is a professor of psychiatry at the University of Wisconsin and has used MRI machines to study the brain activity of Tibetan monks.
As Fortune's Oliver Ryan reports, "The brain functioning of serious meditators is 'profoundly different' from that of non-meditators -- in ways that suggest an elevated capacity to concentrate and to manage emotions. Dr. Davidson calls meditation a 'kind of mental training."

The corporate world

Are you able to balance between money and health?

  • Is it the number of hours we sit at an office desk, that determines the value you generate?  It is the energy we bring to the hours we work in office. Human beings are designed to pulse rhythmically between using-up and renewing energy.
  • That's how we operate at our best. Maintaining a steady reservoir of energy; physically, mentally, emotionally and even spiritually, requires replenishing it intermittently.  The relaxation exercise will help you to drain out physical, mental and emotional tension, according to Preksha Dhyan (Meditation) system.

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Thursday, January 10, 2013

Eminent Doctors Presenting Meditation Insights

Science and Meditation
Prof Muni Mahendra Kumar, Dr Manchanda, Dr. Sudhir Shah

The seminar was held at Preksha Vishwa Bharati, Koba in Gujarat, India on 5th January 2013 which focused on Science and Meditation.  Mr. Navneet bhai Patel, who is the trustee of Preksha Dhyan Academy said in his welcome address that meditation is basically meant for self-realization while the benefits resulting from practising meditation like curing of diseases, are only its by-products.
Inaugural address was given by Prof. Muni Mahendra Kumar.  He said: “When we speak of Science and Meditation, keep in mind to include the ‘Spiritual Science also.  Let us discuss how Preksha Meditation can be applied to cure spiritual diseases that are passions, such as anger, greed, arrogance, etc.  This may be root cause of all other diseases according to spiritual science.  Today in this exclusive seminar eminent Doctors will share their views of applying meditation in the field of medication”.
  • The key note speaker Dr. S. C. Manchanda, who came all the way from Delhi, is the former Prof. and the head of Department Cardiology at the AIIMS, Sr. Consultant Cardiologist Sir Ganga Ram Hospital, an Editor in Chief Journal of Preventive Cardiology, and a Padma Shri Awardee.  He said:  “He clearly said that he is asking patience to do the Preksha Meditation before or after the cardiac surgery”.  Please see ~ 2 min, video of his speech embedded below to learn more about his topic. 
  • Another eminent neurologist Dr. Sundhir Shah, DM, Consultant neurologist, Ahmedabad, India, Prof. and head of department of Neurology; V. S. Genera Hospital, Hon. Neurologist to H. E also attended the seminar. The Governor of Gujarat, Director of Neuroscience, Sterling Hospital, Teacher for DNB Neurology, Sterling Hospital gave a lucid presentation and emphasized that meditation should be prescribed by every doctor along with other medicines.  He explained common benefits of meditation, but said that one must practice meditation to gain greater benefits at the spiritual level and that is possible with the change in attitude.  The best too to my mind is Yoga and in particular meditation, especially for psychosomatic diseases.  He made a bold statement that, according to him, the biggest mistake people make is that they do meditation to cure diseases, however, he said, meditation should be done for self-realization, curing of diseases in the body is mere a by-product.
  • His speech was followed by Mr. Arun Zaveri, who specially came from Mumbai.  He explained the therapeutic thinking through Preksha Meditation.  He said that root cause of mental and emotional disorders is messages of Karma bound by negative activities and behaviour such as violence etc., and instincts which are the biological programs but are misused to strengthen the passions like anger, pride, deceit, greed, and quasi-passions like fear, sex, etc.  Please see ~ 7 min, video of his speech embedded below to learn more about his topic. 
  • The speeches ignited lot of discussions in the participant doctors and agreed who Preksha meditation is completely scientific process, that should be practised by everyone, not only for cure but prevention of dreadful psychosomatic diseases. 
  • The outcome of the seminar was that it was decided to conduct research in the fields of orthopaedic surgeries by imparting training to patients undergoing surgery and finding the impact of meditation on the process of recovery.   Also it was decided to conduct research in the field of treatment of the patients suffering from hypertension.  Dr. Dhiraj Marothi, Orthopaedic Surgeon working at Shelby’s Hospital agreed to conduct such research on orthopaedic patients, and Dr. Tarun Dave, a Senior Cardiologist working at Rajasthan Hospital, Ahmedabad, and Dr. Dhaval Doshi, a young Cardiologist working at Civil Hospital, Ahmedabad agreed to undertake research on the patients suffering from hypertension.
  • Preksha Vishwa Bharati decided to develop this meditation centre in the form conducting research and therapy of different diseases through the application of Preksha Meditation.  Doctors present in the seminar agreed to give their full cooperation in conducting such research.   Mr. Arun Zaveri assured of his assistance for the activities to be conducted in the Preksha Vishwa Bharati.  Other participants including the eminent space scientist S. S. Pokarana, also suggested carry out such programs at other centres situated in different parts of Ahmedabad city.
Dr. Manchanda

Mr. Arun Jethalal Zaveri
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