Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Desire and Needs - Why appreciate greedy people?

All desires cannot be needs and shall not be.

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It is curious to note that when we speak of greedy people, we immediately have images of pot-bellied politicians and industrialists with bikini-clad babes by their side. Never a film star who keeps working and working and working and working, making crores for every day of work. Or a sports-person who keeps playing and endorsing and playing and endorsing and endorsing and endorsing and still demanding tax exemptions for his gifts. No, the film star and sportsmen is just honest hard-working people who are exploiting no one: surely they cannot be classified as greedy.

  • This is where the confusion starts. We confuse greed with exploitation and corruption. Greed is seeking more than you need. Exploitation and corruption are simply means to get what you seek. It is possible to be honest and upright and hard working and diligent and pay your taxes on time and never exploit or abuse or be corrupt, and still be greedy. Very very greedy.
  • Notice how every advertisement and every brand is hogged by just dozen or so superstars from Bollywood and cricket. Their combined income of these 12 people will be quite enough to feed several villages for several years. But we do not see this as greed, perhaps because some of them make programs about the poor and the dispossessed and the exploited, and often appear in charitable events, for a fee of course, to tell the world they should be socially responsible.
  • As we become increasingly Westernised  we believe that rules and rationality will solve the problems. Hence we hold conferences on corporate responsibility and ethics and governance, hoping that the law will make the greedy (once we identify them) make sense. Every Bollywood star and cricketer has not broken a single of these laws. They may run people down on the streets, they may kill endangered wild life, they may keep illegal weapons at home, they have alleged strange bedroom habits, but they remain ethical and law-abiding citizens in our eyes, and we are eager to forgive them. Why? Because they entertain us. Not the politicians , who seem to be making our lives miserable.
The sages of India did not believe that any law or punishment can stop the greedy from being greedy.  You may know the story of Ganesha and Kubera.  The point here is not the humbling of Kubera by Ganesha , but the idea of Shiva, the idea of outgrowing hunger that liberates us from the desire to hoard. We cannot stop hoarding until we appreciate why we hoard? We hoard in fear.  Fear is the most primal drive (instinct) of human emotions. In fact, fear came to this world before death. It is the emotion that propels all animals to fight for their survival.  By practising Preksha Meditation it is possible to control emotions.
  • Fear has been around for three billion years; humans have been around for less than a million. And with humans comes imagination: which means our fear is amplified by imagination. And that fear amplifies our hunger. We hoard and we hoard to protect us from future poverty . Remember how one Bollywood star keeps reminding us that he works like a maniac and continues to make zillions because once he experienced bankruptcy. He cannot get rid of that baggage; thus he rationalizes greed and we all sob at his well-rehearsed story.
  • We live in world where we are admired for what we have: For example, more marks in exam, more salary, more income, more houses, more cars, more mobile features, and so on.  We celebrate stars and sports celebrity and they strike us with the advertisement by becoming brand ambassadors.   We forget that they are paid crores of rupees (millions of Dollars) to impress on us to buy a product or a service that we really do not need.  Brain washing is at the best.  Hundreds time they will tell you a lie and you will start believing in the same.   We are actually celebrating greedy materialistic world every time we make a list of richest people in the world.  We are giving wrong message to the next generation that ‘have more and more and more’.
  • We create a wrong benchmark in the society and when someone is found with crores of Rupees in Swiss bank account we cry ‘foul”.  The relative economics in the light of the philosophy of non-violence propounded by Mahavira and in recent time by Mahatma Gandhi and the Jain Acharya Shri Mahashraman. For any person living in the society the principles of ahimsa, non-violence and aparigraha (less-possessions) can be practised only in a relative sense. Immorality, unethical needs, violent cruelty, exploitation and excessive consumption, lead to negation of our dictates ignoring what is just for the society in terms of ahimsa (non-violence). Similarly, limiting one’s desires and accumulation is relative aparigraha. Violence and accumulation are inseparable and so is non-violence and non-accumulation. Economics can therefore be considered as economics of non-violence. Absolute economics encourages violence. On the contrary relative economics discourages violence.  A person cannot listen to the religion and experience pure enlightenment without learning about renouncing the two factors of domestic violence and increasing possessiveness of material means.

Based on teaching of Acharya Shri Mahapragna and
recent article in Times of India (26 Nov 2012) by Devdutt Pattanaik.

Do you agree that "All desires cannot be needs and shall not be".  Your comment below will be appreciated, thanks in advance.     - Zaveri.

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Toxin Absorbent Conybio Conytakara

What is Conytakara?  Conybio FIR Conytakara toxin absorbent absorbs toxins efficiently and effectively.

Scientific explanation: The sole of the foot contains more than 62 acupuncture points and is the place where toxins accumulate.  Toxin adsorbent Conytakara, formulated from the essence of wood and bamboo vinegar, has that natural ability to absorb toxins from the body.  It is effective, easy to use, and specially formulated to help you stay faster and better.  Helps to eliminate toxins from the body while sleeping. 

How to use: Paste Conytakara on both soles, it sucks the toxins out, thus giving you a fresh healthy look.  Apply in the evening just before you go to sleep, and remove in the morning.  

For what:

  • Helps in enhancing blood flow and excretory functions.
  • Helps in reducing pain & swelling.
  • Helps to ease knee pain, back pain, and bladder problems.
  • Helps to strengthen the immune system.
  • Helps in reducing tiredness and numbness of feet.
  • Effective for bone disorders.  
One box contains ten sachets.

Monday, August 6, 2012

Infrared Rays for Healthy Body

Effects of Far Infra Red Rays or FIR
Life after forty needs some special care.  Economic stress and fast pace life style affects our body.  Few fortunate people are able to see rising sun in the morning.  Keeping this background in mind let us see how science can help us.  Here is some facts about the Infrared Rays that can be used to combat issues arise after turning forty.
Infrared Rays having a wavelength between 4-16 microns benefits the human body.  The normal absorption of resonant frequency for human body is 8 to 15 microns.  However, the range of absorbable band of all organic matter on our planet is approximately 6 to 15 microns.  This activates water molecules, vibrates through resonance, improves and increases blood circulation and metabolic function, cleanses the body of toxic wastes, decreases acidity in the blood, increases blood's oxygen content, and retards ageing process.

Twenty-Six different ceramics and various mineral oxides such as Aluminium dioxide Al2O3, Silicon dioxide SiO2 etc, are mixed in a certain proportion and processed, such that it is capable of producing FIR from body heat generated at 36 °9C temperature.  This composition is preheated to 1600 °C, cooled and embedded in the fabric through an exothermic process and shaped into various CONYBIO BIOCERAMIC PRODUCTS.  

The natural resonant frequencies of water and organic substances are within the FIR frequencies.  Therefore, water and organic substances absorb energy easily from the radiated FIR waves.

FIR and Blood Flow

When the normally smooth, firm linings of the arteries become thickened and roughened by deposits of fat, fibrin, calcium, and cellular debris, it will lessen the arteries ability to expand and contract and slows the blood movement through narrowed channels.

These conditions make it easier for blood clots to form, blocking the arteries, and stopping blood flow completely.  

Our body temperature is normally at 36 °C to 37 °C.  When we exercise, blood flow increases, increase in blood flow results in increase in the metabolic rate.  Increase in metabolic rate paves the way for ejecting body waste & toxins through sweat.  

In this process, the body waste is being eliminated, and proper food nutrient ingested to supplement our body, which becomes vital for longevity.  It is also a fact that materials like clothing can keep our body warm but it does not emit FIR for absorption - only fabrics that contain bioceramic, materials have the properties if worn and used on a long term basis on our body, will one achieve optimum health benefits.
  • Why do we say that 4-16 micron is the Bio-Genetic Rays?  The basis is on usage, research on living things coupled with FIR.  Temperature of every living thing including animals and plants is normally within the range 0 °C to 50 °C.  The ability to absorb electromagnetic waves is also within this range and this wavelength is between 8-12 microns, the external emission rate of the human body.  It is within the frequency range of 4 - 16 micron.  Extensive biological research has shown that FIR wavelengths between 4 - 16 micron are beneficial to human body and consequently known as the physiological rays or Bio-Genetic Rays.  
  • Many medical specialist and researchers have determined that our body can quickly react to absorb the distal infrared.  The distal infrared causes the water molecules in the body to vibrate and then it causes heat reaction through resonant absorption; and the heat causes the temperature under the skin to increase, resulting in expansion of capillaries to promote blood circulation and eliminate obstacles that hinder metabolism; and the tissues get activated to result in the formation of enzyme.  
  • The water molecules in the body is likewise changed into micro-molecules, and would get rid of toxic and body waste and make the water more active to increase metabolic rate.  Apart from this, four to sixteen micron FIR in the blood stream is able to neutralize blood toxicity and smoothen the wall of arteries, capillaries, and veins.  
  • A research conducted by Japanese Medical Professor (Tanji) on white mice with cancer cells showed that the application of FIR (Bio-Genetic Rays) could also help to convert the cancer cells back to normal healthy cells.  That is why the Bio-Genetic Rays is so amazing. 

For more information please contact Jayshree Jyotindra Zaveri, Pune, India.

Source: Above write-up is based on the site conybio.in