Sunday, October 24, 2010

Residential Meditation Camp

Do you want to
  Prevent & CureDiabetes, Heart Disease, B.P. Disorder, Asthma, Acidity, Gastric Troubles?
  Become Free fromAnger, Fear, Pessimism, Haughtiness, Laziness, Depression …………….?
  DevelopStrong Will-power, Optimism, Boldness, Compromising Nature, I.Q.,E.Q,S.Q. …… .?
  Lead a life full of  – Mental Peace, Tranquility, True Happiness, Cheerfulness, Congenial Relations with Spouse, Children, Parents, Friends .….?

Date: Thursday, 11 November 10 to Thursday, 15 November 10.  

Reach venue on 10 November 10, between 6:00 p.m. and 10:00 p.m.

Venue: Terapanth Bhavan, Adhyatma Sadhana Kendra, Near Chhattarpur Mandir, Chhattarpur, Mehrauli, New Delhi, India.

In the auspicious presence of Prof. Muni Mahendra KumarB. Sc. (Hons.), Agama-manisi and preksha-pradhypaka.

Training by Eminent Faculty:  Mr. Arun Jetha bhai Zaveri and Mrs. Mayuri Arun Zaveri [from Mumbai].

What is Preksha Meditation (PM)?
Preksha means inner perception. In this technique, one learns to concentrate his mind on the subtle aspects of one’s own consciousness through the practice of preksha and brings about desirable changes via contemplation, colour-visualization and auto-suggestions.

Holistic approach
The true path to better living should not only include proper nutrition, clean air, and physical exercise, but also prevention and elimination of the very roots of psychosomatic diseases – stress, negative thinking and destructive emotions.

Preksha Meditation is a tool that helps relieve and reduce the effects of physical and mental stress and eliminate emotional tensions and disorders by enhancing emotional maturity.

Where did it originate?
PM was practiced by sages and seers centuries ago, and the art was passed on from generation to generation through the Indian tradition of knowledge and wisdom. It was discovered from the ancient wisdom and corroborated with modern scientific theories by Acharya Mahapragya an internationally known Jain Saint, who has co-authored with Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam the famous book “The Family And The Nation”  

How does the technique work?
Medical research has revealed that emotional state of a person is directly connected with the Limbic System and Neuro-endocrine system. Emotional tensions can disrupt the complex and delicate balance of numerous hormones secreted by the different endocrine glands in the body, which ultimately cause various physical and mental diseases.

PM works by gradually leading the practitioner to experience deeper levels of his/her consciousness and remove stress and emotional tensions hidden in the subconscious mind. It enhances emotional maturity and harmonizes the neuro-endocrine secretions which represent the emotions, urges, and feelings, and thereby cure psychosomatic diseases.

Medium of language: English / Hindi

The Preksha Meditation course material was well presented and definitely enlightening. The workshops were very effective. It widened my mental horizons… made me relax and stay mentally alert at the same time.

-Dr. C.D. Vachharajani, M.D., Mumbai

Preksha Meditation has helped me increase my self-confidence, mental stability, and mind concentration. The main achievement is that my anger has reduced drastically.
-Mr. K. Balchandran Menon, Mumbai

I was suffering from depression since last three years in spite of having a well-to-do family – educated children and a loving husband. I often had suicidal thoughts and had planned to end my life many times. After learning and practicing meditation exercises I am out of depression and enjoying my life again. I have laughed again after several years.
-Mrs. Ranjan, Housewife, Mumbai

I had chronic pain and was interested in gaining some control over my health problems when I came to the workshop. After regularly practicing PM for about two weeks the pain has lessened considerably and I feel great. Thank you!
-Mrs. Cher L. Couch,  USA

Limited seats available. Enroll today.

Fees:  Rs.3300/- including all charges of lodging, boarding, training material.  

Cheques / DD payable Delhi, to be drawn in favour of “Jain Swetamber 
Terapanthi Sabha”,  Please deposit in any branch in India, of the Canara Bank, account number 0158101007538.

Facilities: A.C. Rooms, Wholesome Diet- Breakfast, Lunch, Tea, Dinner.

Special instruction: Wear loose white clothes.  Outside eatables and going outside the premises is strictly prohibited.

For registration and queries please contact coordinators:

• Sukh Raj Sethia: 9811099918. Or Vimal Surana: 9810275680 Or Dalam Chand Baid: 9810129735

For more information: Email 

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