Sunday, April 4, 2010

About Samthara of Jethalal S. Zaveri

Hundred years celebration...e-Tribute to Shri Jethalal S. father fondly known as Jethabhai. About Illustrious Father:
17 April 1911 - 17 November 1993.

Founder and Managing Director of Bharat Bijlee Ltd., for 33 years.

Past Chairman, IEEMA. Member Institute of Standards.

His contribution to the Electrical Industry as a great industrialist of his time is remembered even today.

He was described as Bhisma Pitamaha of the Indian Electrical Industry in India.

He was one of the first industrialists in India to have foreign collaboration with Siemens (Germany) in 1959.

There are many people who practice and preach the science of living. Jethabhai not only did this but also demonstrated science of dying. He embraced Samthara and left his body on November 17 1993.

“Economic development and oversupply of consumer goods cannot reduce violence and crime.

On the contrary, they can be instrumental in increasing them. The future of humanity lies in a balanced development of work, wealth and self-restraint. Labour and wealth represent the basic aspects of life. On the other hand, self-restraint represents life’s spiritual aspect.

A mentally steady life is impossible to conceive if education or training is not based on all three.” He has written many books and translated many Jain scriptures into English.

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